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Feb 24, 2020

My guest today is Gail Blache-Gill. Gail is a professional choral singer, conductor, pianist, educator, and minister of music. Born and raised in Trinidad, Gail moved to NYC when she was  17 years old. She first attended Lehman College in the Bronx majoring in math, then joined the choir at Brooklyn College, before moving to Princeton, NJ to complete her studies at Westminster Choir College. Gail toured with “Porgy and Bess” for 9 years, taught music in Brooklyn, Hawaii, Harlem and New Jersey, sings with the Alvin Ailey Gospel Choir, conducts the Haitian gospel choir, The Spirituals, based in Brooklyn, NY, and is currently the Minister of Music at The Church of St. Paul and the Incarnation in Jersey City, NJ.

Authentic, vulnerable and compassionate; Gail has learned to be a deep listener: to the past, to  young people, to the numerous doors that open before us; a sign, she believes, of the universe’s loving support. Gail believes the only reason we are here on this earth is to love; help each other and be kind to each other. Music has been a natural vehicle for Gail to be an instrument of God’s peace. She claims that singing is her passion and music is her ministry. Join me on
March 12th at the NY Historical Society’s program ‘Black Women and the 19th Amendment’ to hear Gail and her gifted friends sing. See links to this event in the show notes.  Enjoy the podcast!

Brent Staples
NY Historical Society March 12 Program
The Church of St. Paul and the Incarnation Jersey City, NJ
Alvin Ailey Gospel Choir