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Oct 5, 2020

I heard wonderful feedback about the last 2 episodes from listeners who really enjoyed hearing shorter, personal stories. Thank you! So today will be another offering from me.

Whoa, what a week we just weathered!! From Trump’s disgraceful, abusive behavior during the first presidential debate to learning this past Friday that he and Melania tested positive for the Covid-19. Like many of us, I walk a very fine line between wanting to be informed yet not wanting to be sucked into the chaos that Trump propogates. I tune into current events incrementally and from as many grounded sources that avoid the hype and fear-mongering drama. Even the program title of Jessica Yellin’s Instagram: “News Not Noise” is my style of being informed.  

So even though there was nothing surprising about the way Trump conducted himself during Tuesday night’s debate, after all he was in character; he blatantly assaulted everyone of us. Trump’s disrespectful, demeaning, loud, rude, bullying, name-calling, manipulative attacks targeted first at Joe Biden, then the moderator, Chris Wallace, and then clearly at every one of us tuning in.

When the 90 minute debate was finally over, I found myself trying to shake off the energetic slime before going to bed that night. Wriggling my hands, flailing my arms, even karate kicking my legs into the air to release all the negativity. And then I thought how do I shake free from the hostile images of Trump spewing, interrupting, lying, diverting? In addition to my body that was needing to release the slime, I wanted to clear my mind. Otherwise, I was bound to have nightmares!! I was relieved to have readily available my recent podcast offering of a guided meditation. I lay down, turned on the episode and immediately began to breathe slower and deeper. Perfect for moments like these, and I actually fell asleep quickly and slept through the night peacefully.

We are being asked to flex our resilience muscles, through the pandemic over these past 6 months, through the debacle of this last debate and as we approach more political and pandemic uncertainty ahead. Many of us keep rebounding from all this adversity, learning how to resiliently withstand and expand, in the face of despair.  It takes a toll on our hearts. Since our hearts have been recently stressed, pulled and yanked so intensely, I felt drawn to offer you another guided meditation. This one is for our hearts. May it help build heart resiliency and tenderness. Enjoy the podcast!


Jessica Yellin- News Not Noise
Guided Meditation, Episode 127