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Enlighten: Uplift & Inspire

Oct 12, 2020

In the midst of more racial atrocities, pandemic chaos, political head-spinning, urgent climate concerns, and violent acts of domestic terrorism, I know we are all doing the best we can to get through our days. Hopefully we are focusing on what sustains our souls, as I’ve mentioned in the past 3 episodes. Getting through the day, includes simple tasks, routines, chores, as well as little and big decisions. I also know that the daily experiences of living, mundane and insignificant as it can seem, can momentarily draw us out from under the weight of the world. Sometimes, if we are lucky, getting through the day can hold moments of laughter. It can be as small as something that makes you smile, or ignites a subtle giggle or as cathartic as a big doubled over, belly laugh. I sure appreciate the release of laughter and realize that laughter itself, is a great soul sustainer.

To access the joyous relief of laughter, it helps not to take ourselves too seriously. That actually feels like a conscious, mindful choice on our life journey - to not take ourselves too seriously. Learning to laugh at ourselves, even when there has been a misunderstanding or when we’ve made a big mistake, is as important as any other tool we incorporate into our spiritual practice.

On this week's podcast, I share 2 personal stories that remind me how important laughter is. What has made you laugh recently? May you find the healing release of laughter this week. Let laughter usher in some playfulness and joy. Let us add laughter to our important threads that sustains our souls. Enjoy the podcast.