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Oct 26, 2020

My guest today is Kristin Richardson Jordan, also known, simply as her initials: KRJ. Kristin is a teacher, poet, social justice activist and spiritual warrior, who is currently running for New York City Council in District 9, Central Harlem. She is in no manner a typical politician, in fact KRJ’s refreshing platform is radical love! She explains that love is the base for meaningful change, for action, for organizing; love is the foundation for making the world a better place. If elected, Kristin would be the youngest ever, first openly LGBTQ person to hold this office in this district.

KRJ is a 3rd generation Harlemite, who cares deeply about her community, particularly investing time, energy and resources in what nourishes and uplifts the community, not what destroys and divides it. Kristin is a graduate from Brown University where she double majored in Literary Arts and Afrikana Studies and as fitting with the Black Radical Tradition, has infused her passions into creative, imaginative ways to address the political challenges that face Harlem.

As eager as I was to have my conversation with KRJ released before election day, I learned that voting for city council is not this November, but in June of 2021. So you have plenty of time to learn about KRJ and join me in following her progress and supporting KRJ’s vision of transformative love.

Check out the links below to Kristin’s website, her social media accounts, the 2 books she has published and the some of the resources she mentioned. Enjoy the podcast!

FB: Kristin4Harlem
IG: @Kristin4Harlem
Twitter: Kristin4Harlem

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