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Sep 12, 2022

On this week’s episode, I report feedback from last week’s episode “Asking for Signs” that highlight the synchronicity and comfort that listeners experienced. Asking and receiving signs demonstrates the relational aspect of communication with the spiritual world. Whether it is in our relationship with humans or angels/spirit guides, it is important to express what we want and need. Direct, clear, assertive communication builds healthy relationships.

The Irish author and mystic, Lorna Byrne, sees angels as clearly as we all see people. Lorna claims that every human being, has been assigned a personal guardian angel, the gatekeeper of our soul, but most of us don’t access their help. Lorna sadly announces that there are so many unemployed angels, waiting for us to employ them, invite them to be of help to us. As you continue asking for signs, please also consciously employ your angels. And then delight in how they work wonders for you.

Check out the links below for last week’s episode, and how to learn more about Margaret Dulaney and Lorna Bryne. Enjoy the podcast!

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