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Jun 4, 2018

Carlo Pellegrini, also known as Mr. Amazing, is the only person that I have met that actually ran away to join the circus! Carlo is a circus performer, educator, and co-director of Amazing Grace Circus, who also had a career as a modern dancer. Carlo grew up in San Jose, CA and credits his education with the Jesuits as helping him question authority, develop leadership skills and think differently. Carlo tells of his lure to the circus and the eye-opening, colorful story of his year on the road with the world’s smallest circus, from the world’s smallest country, performed by the smallest minds: The Royal Liechtenstein Quarter Ring Sidewalk Circus! Carlo also performed and toured the world with the innovative modern dance company: Nikolais Dance Theater.

Carlo doesn’t mention it in this conversation but he also was the Ring Master for the Big Apple Circus back in the 1980s. Carlo’s thoughtful reflection on his Dad’s death, specifically his Dad’s murder, and his journey of healing, is very moving.

In episode # 16, you may recall my conversation with aerialist, Hilary Sweeney, she is Carlo’s wife, and they both share openly of their unlikely marriage, due to their 28 year age difference, yet, they have found true love.

The Amazing Grace Circus Summer Camp starts June 25th, for more information, see the link below to their website.

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