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Jun 18, 2018

My guest today is Ross Pederson. Ross is a gifted drummer, producer, composer and arranger. Ross has been described as: “an explosive, yet sensitive, dynamic and compelling voice on the drum set”, which also fits his personality...except for maybe the explosive part! He shares his early musical influences from his parents, his Mom was a piano teacher, his Dad taught him to play trumpet at 5 years old, the lure of his older brother’s drum set, and the incredible experiences he had at UNT, playing with the One O’Clock Lab Band.

Ross has lived in NYC, for the past 9 years, performed and/or toured with Lew Soloff, Kenny Werner, Patti Austin, Chris Potter, Jean Michele Pilc, Francois Mouton, Richard Bona, Rufus Reid, Mark Egan, Oz Noy, Marc Johnson, Patricia Barber, The Manhattan Transfer, and Grace Kelly, to name a few.

I am blessed to have Ross as my son-in-law, and in our conversation, I encouraged him to share the sweet, romantic story of his first date with my daughter, Julia. Ross has traveled the world, has been dedicated and disciplined about fitness, nutrition and health, and wholeheartedly, enthusiastically says YES to life!

Enjoy the podcast!


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